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Front wheel drive bicycle adds the upper body to cycling fitness, Faster with better fitness options. Regular bikes are seriously boring to ride!

Starting a new Dual Drive bike business! Your old foot powered bikes are a thing of the past!

Two years later…I am launching my Kickstarter campaign to hopefully get the Dual Drive Bike to market. It is truly a worthy cause! To be competitive in the bike business you have to go to China for manufacturing,  Ninety percent of all bikes in the world are manufactured in China.

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November 2012….So, I am in the early stages of starting my new dual drive bike business. It’s been fun thus far. I am sourcing parts and bikes all over the world, building a web-site with very little knowledge or money to spend and working in my garage on the revolutionary new idea!  I purchased a chain-less bicycle from Dynamic a few weeks ago. It has a drive shaft instead of a chain and an 8 speed internal shifting rear hub and I love it.  I intend to move that same drive shaft and hub technology to the front wheel.  The handle bars  will be replaced with ones that rotate. The drive shaft will be run down the the right side front fork and connect to the front hub. The hand powered front wheel drive will look excellent bike 025Asmallerwith no greasy chains in your face! Voila, the first ever, chain-less dual drive bicycle! Cool beans! Umac 002

Two independent drives will power the innovative dual drive bike to faster speeds and a better workout for you. The picture above, shows how I connected a longer drive shaft  to the front hub and of course it works! It is simply a matter of getting manufacturing up and running and we will be in business.  The “Bojon Beach Cruiser” will be styling the dual crown front forks at a beach near you!

The photo with the yellow frame, is the old school look of my 25 year old front wheel drive fitness bike with sprocket and chains in your face. I really am excited about the new “look”!

chain drive close op

front view triple t



That is a picture of the shaft drive that I intend to be housed by the dual crown front forks on the left.
That is a picture of the shaft drive that I intend to be housed by the dual crown front forks on the left.










I filed for my patent in November of 2012 and am officially patent pending on the new chain-less front wheel drive and a totally chain-free dual drive  fitness bicycle.  Update from the patent office (Nov. 2014), I will be getting a utility patent!

The picture below is my very first working Prototype.  I love the sleek lines of the dual crown front fork set up. I think using the fork tubes to house the hand powered shaft drive unit and incorporating dual crown front forks into my overall design is a coup.  It’s sleek and actually improves the look of the beach cruiser and any other road bike! What do ya think? Sweet look right?

bike 025Asmaller


WP_20140430_09_16_01_Pro__highresI just paid for another domain name.  “www.DualDriveBike.com”.  I also just got the domain name www.crossfitbikes.com…….perfect! DDlogo Starting a business from scratch with no scratch means the buck starts and stops with you. Everything from logos, web design, prototype development, patents, photos, videos, industrial manufacturing drawings and overseas sourcing is totally up to me. Failure is not an option!  This is the fun part. Keeping it fun is the challenge!gear box - blk lblue 150 - R

With keeping it “just fun” in mind, I think the logo pictured below will look GREAT on your new T-shirt!


"back slang" or mirror writing... NoWork=Krowon
Building a better Bike! If you are passionate  about your new business then it’s not work! “back slang” or mirror writing… NoWork=Krowon…no work just fun!