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 Mission: Get the upper body involved in cycling for a fun outdoor total aerobic workout.20180209_211304DD green plus ad

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We  formed the Dual Drive Bike Company in November of 2012. The company is located @ Dual Drive Bike.com , 1232 Seminole Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304. We are in the “working in my garage”, prototype development phase . We hope to have dual drive bikes for sale in the summer. bike 025Asmaller  Here we are two years later in November 2014.  We have  a working prototypes of both the chain version and the shaft drive version. 

  We are “patent pending” on  a “chain-less, dual drive, shaft driven bicycle.” The patent office recently indicated that we will be getting claims on our invention and eventually we will be issued a utility patent.  Fantastic! I believe the “Go chain-less” version is much cooler looking and therefore more sell able to the exercise cross training enthusiasts. Triathletes will love this training tool and eventually lobby the Triathlete Federation to allow it in the races! Should it be allowed…arm power? Or maybe the federation will decide you can’t use your arms during the swim portion either.

     The benefits of the dual drive bike are that you get a killer total aerobic workout without being stuck inside a gym.  You work every major muscle group in the arms, legs, stomach, chest and back when riding this fitness road machine.  This bike is for serious cross training “athletes only”!  WP_20140810_11_18_09_ProThe dual drive bicycle is great for aerobically rehabbing pulled muscles of the legs and shoulders during the off season.  “I play allot of beach volley-ball and find myself constantly using  the  Fitness Bike (old version) to rehabilitate my right shoulder.”  It works! 
Lately I’ve been riding the “New” chain version to the beach and working out the kinks.  The reaction is great and people love the new “look”!

The Original Dual Drive Bike ..out with the old and..
The Original Dual Drive Bike ..out with the old and in with the new, hopefully!


new sdx 3new conv kit


The picture to the right shows the fitness bike with the dual crown front forks with rotating handles. (Very early concept “look”) The trainer that the bike is sitting on is a product I used to manufacture. The QuickStand Trainer fits any bike and turns it into a stationary exercise bike for indoor workouts during the long cold winters. gear box - blk lblue 150 - RWe don’t have that problem in south Florida.  Our average temperature this February was 80 degrees.


The blue and black handle bar system pictured on the right is what the shaft drive version will potentially look like after we get funded. I will be looking for angel investors.WP_20150416_11_18_14_Pro

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