The Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike!

The Original Dual Drive Bike ..out with the old and..

The Original Dual Drive Bike ..out with the old and..                         1988 Ultra MAC..extinctdual drive bicycle gives the rider a total aerobic work-out

and in with the new! Concept dual shat drive bike!  
.. in with the new! Concept dual shat drive bike!  The “chainl-less revolution” is happening now! The drive shaft is in the front fork.
  • Get a free Fitness Bike! Pre-purchase the SDX2 $999.00 dual shaft drive bike. (No Chains) Have ten friends do the same and your bike is free! Your bike is paid for by ten  $100 commissions that you have earned!
  • Email: for details. “I plan to employ all the out of work college students and beach volley ball bums to get sales exploding and get these kids in shape at the same time”!  Bojon=no job spelled backwards.

Crowd Funding: a means to get good projects funded and let small companies flourish by using the  power of the internet.  We think  the new fitness bike is a great project and  deserves a place on the planet. I hope to pre sell 250 bikes or one full sea container.

“Backing a project is more than just giving someone money, it’s supporting their dream to create something that they want to see exist in the world.” {quote from kickstarter)

 Please contribute any amount you are comfortable with to make sure this project gets off the ground! This revolutionary dual drive fitness bicycle truly deserves a place on the planet. Our society seems to need more fun and outdoor fitness activities. Obesity and diabetes in America are increasing at alarming levels and this fitness bike is a product that will stem the rising tide!  Yes, I am adding a docking station for your smart phone. (lol)  All proceeds will be used to manufacture, patent, and further develop the new fat burning, extreme, exercise road bike.  Thanks in advance for contributing to a more fit world. Bicycles don’t pollute! Our goal is to raise $250K and to have a  container of dual drive bikes heading to America by July 2013.


Any $100 contributions or higher can be applied toward  the purchase of your dual drive fitness bike if specified. This level of donation ensures that you get the first bikes off the production line. We we will make the first 1,000 “special editions” in some fashion! Gold anodized aluminum for the front forks is a consideration for the initial  ”special edition” first 1,000 production run.

Any $1,000 donations will be used toward your purchase of our highest end production dual drive bikes (SDx2) and will be the first 100 proud owners of their fitness bike.  The SDx2 will have two shaft drives, i.e. one in the front and one in the back (no chains).  As we get further along with production and then sales we will publish photos of the actual fitness bikes and their new owners riding them.  Pre-selling 250 dual drive fitness bikes allows me to get production going and and an overseas container will be heading to Florida!

I intend to also have a bike with a price point of $599///SDx1 one shaft drive one rear chain drive..multi-geared  beach cruiser. (The “Bojon Beach Cruiser”) The front drive system will always be chain-less.

Thanks again for supporting a worthy cause! Extreme bike fitness by



About Ken Haan

I have owned and operated several successful businesses in Florida since 1972. I was part owner of Bojangles and Shakers night club in the 80's. It was one of the most popular spots in the city of Fort Lauderdale for years. I have been involved in the bicycle business since 1993. In 1993 I formed the "QuickStand Corporation" and manufactured rear-mount bicycle trainers. We invented the cam "quick-release" for bike trainers and successfully licensed and defended our 5 USA Patents. We are currently "patent pending" on a "chain-less" dual drive bicycle that you pedal with your arms as well as your feet. Both the front and rear drives will utilize a drive shaft transmission and no chain! "Go Chain-less". Why the bicycle community doesn't embrace the shaft drive transmissions is beyond me. I love mine! My favorite sport is Beach Volley-Ball. If i could I would still play every day. As it is, I still get out there several times a week. On any nice day, I hop on my dual drive bike and head to the Yankee Clipper in Fort Lauderdale, for a few beach games. The cross fit benefits of my dual drive fitness bike keeps me in the game! My legacy will be that I made the dual drive bike mainstream. Why not use your arms and legs to power your bike? Using just your legs to ride seems foolish to me! Once you ride my cross fit, dual drive bike, you will feel the same way!
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8 Responses to The Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike!

  1. otis says:

    Ken, Great web site, super idea. Hope it goes big- should revolutionize the bike world. Ideal for the overweight and diabetics like me. All that exersize is great..
    Wish I could ride one but guess have to stick to old fashioned walking with
    my Rocky on Highlands trails. Good luck with your inovation.
    Otis & Connie

    • Ken Haan says:

      Thanks Otis! It’s a work in progress, obviously…lol I just got my “Go Pro” video camera in the mail from my son so I can do my video for kickstarter. Kickstarter is a “crowd-funding” program that utilizes the power of the web to help finance small business ideas. It just might be the right thing to do for this project and there is really no down side to trying out their program. People back the projects they like and have raised millions in the past 4 years for various projects. We shall see!

      Best wishes for you and Connie!….and Rocky


      ken haan

  2. Ken Haan says:

    I bought my first shaft drive bike and it works perfectly. I just took the rear shaft drive completely apart. It is pretty straight forward. It will be ideal for the front wheel drive system. I am still working on getting the front wheel system sourced overseas. I’d love to make it in the states but everything is triple the cost! Today I’m going to attempt to do all the technical drawings on my computer. Fun times at Ridegemont high! lol

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