The Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike!

New!WP_20140810_11_18_09_Pro Now a longer a  concept! The new improved chain drive Dual Drive Bike is available for 2015. (patent pending on the chain drive)

See “Products” page and be the first in your hood to get fit in 2015 riding the new Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike!

Start the DD revolution!


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  • and in with the new! Concept dual shat drive bike! 
  •  Concept dual shat drive bike!  The “chainl-less revolution” is happening now! The drive shaft is in the front fork.
  •  Purchase the below Bojon Beach Cruiser for  $899.00 … Hand and foot powered dual drive bike.  This independent hand powered front wheel drive  utilizes 3 chain drives to power the front wheel!  The rear drive is a single speed standard chain drive. WP_20141102_10_13_14_Pro The black plastic up front chain cover adds an “industrial”  look to the dual crown front fork set up.
  • Email: for details. “I plan to employ all the out of work college students and beach volley ball “between jobs” guys and girls to get sales exploding and get these kids in shape at the same time”!

    bike 025Asmaller
    Bojon Beach Cruiser…aluminum frame, single speed front and year, dual crown front forks with shaft dive hand powered system up front and coaster brakes for your cruising pleasure!…no other bike like it on the planet! Back to basics for a total aerobic fun ride!


Crowd Funding: a means to get good projects funded and let small companies flourish by using the  power of the internet.  We think  the new fitness bike is a great project and  deserves a place on the planet. I hope to pre-sell 300 bikes or one full sea container.

Update: We gave Kickstarter a shot and it did not go as we had hoped.  Now, we will be seeking equity partners to buy bikes by the container overseas.

“Backing a project is more than just giving someone money, it’s supporting their dream to create something that they truly believe in”.

By purchasing our bike you will become a total fitness junkie AND  you will help promote out bikes by simply getting out there and riding them. The DD bikes are  very visual,  people cannot help but stop and stare!

This revolutionary dual drive fitness bicycle truly deserves a place on the planet. Our society seems to need more fun and outdoor fitness activities. Obesity and diabetes in America are increasing at alarming levels and this fitness bike is a product that will stem the rising tide!  WP_20140810_12_39_46_Pro__highresYes, I am adding a docking station for your smart phone. (lol)  All proceeds will be used to manufacture, patent, and further develop the new fat burning, extreme, exercise road bike.  Thanks in advance for contributing to a more fit world. Bicycles don’t pollute! Our goal is to raise $200K and to have a  container of dual drive bikes heading to America by August 2015.


Thanks again for supporting a worthy cause! Extreme bike fitness by




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