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Dual Drive Bike

 We are now selling our first Dual Drive Bikes.  See our “Products” page for details.  The shaft drive version will be available after venture capital funding. Contact: kenhaan19@gmail.com  or kenhaan@att.net    Cell # 954-563-9999 Ken


Please share this site with your cross training friends!WP_20141102_10_13_14_Pro




Note :  A newly designed chain version with an innovative black chain guard! The new “look” with the black plastic chain cover gives it a “cool industrial” type look.


We can attach the front shaft drive to any bike…for now we choose beach cruisers…our choices are limitless!

Video Chronology. We’ve come a long way baby! This is not your mother’s bicycle…lol

bike 025Asmaller
The first ever front shaft drive version of the hand pedaled Dual Drive Fitness Bike! The dual crown front fork set up is easily adapted to fit the head tube any bicycle on the planet. Now that is some sales potential! All the late night fitness equipment infomercials pale in comparison to this mobile exercise bike!

August 11, 2014

WP_20140621_17_59_45_ProSo it’s been awhile since my last update. The challenge of building a working Prototype for a chain version and a drive shaft version of the dual drive bike has been fun! I now have a working Prototype of each and I think both are going to be well received in the marketplace. The above and below pictured bikes are of the shaft drive and chain drive versions ridden in the up-coming crowd funding Video.  I have some sample gears that are in the process of being manufactured in China and will ship to the USA by the end of August 2014.  We will thoroughly test the gears and gear ratios before placing our very first large order.WP_20140810_12_32_21_Pro[2]




Officially filed a provisional patent (July 2014)on the  above “chain version”. Hopefully we will get a utility patent on both the chain drive and the shaft drive front wheel drive! Still “Patent Pending” on the shaft drive invention after 1 1/2 years.WP_20140810_12_39_46_Pro__highres





August 20, 2013  Officially Patent pending on a USA Utility Patent! Ever have a 50 page term paper due? Well it’s a huge relief  to get that project completed!  We were patent pending on a provisional patent.  The filing of a utility patent is quite a bit more challenging. I’ve also recently taken a rear hub apart and machined it smaller to receive and attach the sized gear I need to get the correct gear ratio for the front shaft drive. The spacing for the bottom gears was a problem. I think I’ve got the perfect solution and will be testing DUAL DRIVE PROTOTYPE II shortly. That of course means new drawings and re-machining additional parts.


This is all part of the invention process.  On to the crowd-funding video!


Update: June 3, 2013

The very first front wheel drive prototype is finished and attached  to a girls beach cruiser.  It was the only bike I could find in a local store with a 1″ headset….they are all 1 1/8.  My dual crown front fork that I have been transforming came with a one inch steer tube. I will post some pictures shortly and some video!  I am truly excited about how well the gears and housing ended up coming together with the dual crown front fork set up. I am not an engineer by any stretch but I do know that whatever you can imagine can be made in a machine shop….almost anything! If you can imagine it and draw it, it can be built! I will post some gopro video shortly of the first ever, front wheel, shaft driven , hand  powered and foot powered fitness beach cruiser. Cruising to the beach just got allot more fun!

Now that I have a working prototype of my dual drive invention I intend to get back to work on the “Crowd Funding” video! There is much work to be done….but remember,  it’s “Krowon”  no work just fun!  (No work spelled backwards….keeping it fun with passion!


The first ever Bojon Beach Cruiser!
The first ever Bojon Beach Cruiser! True Crossfit Bike …all others are pretenders!