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Venture Capital and Patent Licenses

Milestone # 1 attained! Actually the prototype was the first hurdle the patent was #2.  A license agreement is #3 and forthcoming we 025Asmaller

Update 8-27-2015…  Patent # 9,073,600 B2  This particular dual drive bike patent covers the chain-free shaft drive version of the hand pedaled front drive. So it’s official, we have our patent!

email:  Ken  Cell# 954-563-9999

We hope to license our product to infomercial companies and progressive bike manufacturing and fitness companies.  Imagine a 20 year monopoly on the best total fitness product on the market…one that gets you from A to B in very earth friendly fashion!

This very green fitness  product is a viable means of transportation and a way to get our overweight population back in shape. No parking hassles and no expensive gasoline.  What better way to get to the beach! It’s fun to ride and a lot easier to pedal longer distances.  Yes, it fits a tricycle as well for those of you who are balance challenged.  The conversion kit fits the head tube of any bike and transforms it into a dual drive total fitness bike.WP_20150416_11_18_14_Pro

We are seeking 2 million in venture capital for an equity position in our total fitness company.  We plan to build a bike company by first introducing the bike along the beaches of California and Florida.  The bike is a highly visual advertising vehicle.  We also have in the works a dual stationary trainer that allows an individual to train at home  during the cold winter months.  It’s nice in Florida year round so getting outside for some fresh air is always on the agenda!WP_20141008_16_32_52_Pro


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