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WP_20141102_10_13_14_Pro DDX2  Chain Drive $1,295.00

Be the first in your neighborhood to get totally fit for life!DD with Shaft Drive

Frame Color = Black

Front and rear single speed chain drives.

Get ready for a total aerobic workout! Just 20  minutes a day to a fitter leaner body!

NEW*** 8 Speed rear shaft drive   (no chain) single speed chain drive up front $1,995.00  w/hand brake.


Get outside and enjoy the day!

Don’t get stuck inside a gym.  Start your day with a DD Bike ride to your favorite  breakfast spot!

This newly designed chain version is excellent and  adds to the look of the Beach Cruisers!

DDlogoStaying fit at the beach is a lifestyle…enjoy it!

ASK….Why not? …get  the upper-body involved in cycling!

Send me an email  kenhaan@att.net

Start the dual drive Revolution people!

  • Frame:  Aluminum
  • Brakes: Rear Coaster Brakes
  • Single speed front and rear drives
  • Gear ratio up front 5.3 :1 for a smooth steady rotation
  • Chain cover up front: Black plastic
  • Simple and easy to ride.
  • Takes just a few minutes to adjust to the handle rotation.
  • Handles can be held in any comfortable position when just pedaling with your feet.
  • Using both the hands and the feet adds power and speed and  results in a total aerobic full body workout!
  • Enjoy the most fun biking you will ever experience!
  • Dual Crown Front Forks: Steel/Chrome

DD logo BWOr, Mail a check to Quickstand Corp. (include taxes and shipping)


email Kenhaan19@gmail.com

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